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Staffing for Employers ... Education and Career Services for Students

At TurningPro, we listen to the unique needs of our corporate partners and deliver a diverse set of staffing solutions aligned with each company's individual human resource requirements.  Our students are looking for knowledge and education to advance their careers.  Our corporate partners are looking for qualified and experienced employees.  We meet these requirements.


We have leveraged years of university professor and college adjunct faculty member classroom experiences to produce hundreds of college-quality educational courses designed to meet the various learning styles of our students.  Our online courses are available on your iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices.  The content is available in a traditional text format, but it is also available as recorded audio and recorded video.  Additionally, if you don't enjoy reading, click a button and the course will be read to you.


We offer courses that align with the following careers:


   Office Administration and Customer Service

   Computer Science, Information Technology, IT Help Desk and Network  Administration

   Project Management / Project Coordination


   Sales and Marketing

   Business Administration and Accounting


We have also established strategic relationships with partner organizations around the country that use our college-quality educational content and our career placement services to provide training and career preparation services to the student populations they serve.  


For employers, the TurningPro service offerings deliver a pipeline of qualified candidates that possess the skills and attributes required to succeed in competitive workplace environments.


For students, we provide you with hundreds of online course offerings at an affordable price.  Successfully completing TurningPro courses will give you the skills necessary to start or advance your career in a number of high-demand areas.




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